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How to choose makeup that is safe for the skin of the face

Makeup is capable of changing the face of being beautiful, but vain choose makeup makes the damaged facial skin. Learn how to choose makeup is more important and safe to the skin on your face from the makeup itself. Follow the complete instructions how to choose makeup for your facial skin, so secure is applied without any side effects.

Almost all women are either adolescent or mature women always wear makeup every day and while traveling out of the House. But do they know that in addition to useful to beautify the face turned out to be makeup can also bring disaster that can not be viewed lightly.

Indiscriminate buying makeup would mean disaster for your facial skin. Many women wear makeup in vain without knowing the content of the basic ingredients of makeup, even they often use makeup without a clear brand. If your circumstances so trust me at some point then your face will be damaged by the use of makeup.

Even if you use expensive make-up if it's never clean the face will certainly stimulate the growth of acne, so clean the face at night before going to sleep is certainly highly recommended. Today a lot of tips on how to make a facial mask natural skin bleach, besides it is cheaper as well as more salubrious because with fresh fruits.

For Indonesian women have white face clean of course become coveted them. BORO boro face add ayu and pretty quite even be damaged by the use of face whitening carelessly. Why don't you make your own face whitening cream with natural ingredients are cheap, in addition to the cheaper also free from side effects.

How to choose makeup

In general the makeup on sale freely even very freely without rules prohibiting circulation of jedidah makeup dangerous fake, makeup, makeup with hazardous materials, makeup brand imports, and various types of makeup. So now there are hundreds maybe even thousands of makeup brands also are on sale.

Are you as a consumer can tell the difference between the original makeup, makeup, prosthetic makeup and dangerous. I am sure that most of the teenagers did not know this, even they are likely to buy a new brand of makeup without investigating beforehand how the content and material base.

Most of the women is a indifferent makeup consumers with makeup, even those assessing the makeup just in terms of price that means more expensive makeup price surely will be more nice and beneficial to smooth the skin of the face and add to the beauty of her face. This assumption is clearly very wrong, because disasters skin face problems will await you. Then how to choose the right makeup and simultaneously can beautify a face without causing side effects.

Before you choose a brand of makeup then first learn your facial skin types, because nowadays there are several types of makeup including: Moisturizer, Foundation, Powder, Blush, Eye makeup, and which should be used in accordance with the allocation. As an example for those who have oily skin type certainly won't be useful if using a moisturizer. Because the moisturizer handy to add moisturizer to the skin.

How do I choose a nice makeup. Various clues discusses how to safely choose a brand of makeup. Learn to get the original makeup brands and free from side effects and harmful substances must be your base while buying and choosing the brand of makeup. The following full instructions how to choose the best makeup.

How to choose and buy the best makeup

Make sure you buy makeup brands you already know or brands of makeup is makeup company famous production.
Avoid buying brand new makeup makeup brands let alone import that you do not know clearly who are the producers.
Never arbitrarily buying makeup on a friend, the friend, the person who offers on the street, offering a makeup to the House, and such because it can be a fake product.
Avoid makeup cheap prices even very cheap. Many reasons traders that they sell makeup direct at wholesale prices so that the price is cheaper because there is no guarantee for it.
Quality makeup brands have lists of such official permission BPOM and use the label as well as the official logo with the display clearer.
The official and original makeup brand will not be sold in vain. A small grocery store very impossible sell original brand of makeup.
Make sure you buy makeup at the store specialized sellers of the privately run modern harga kosmetik which surely cost more expensive. It is important to remember that cheap makeup brand synonymous with counterfeiting and face skin treatment that have been contaminated due to the hazardous materials contained in the makeup is far more expensive than the price of the original makeup.

So the instructions how to select brands of makeup may in the future beauty of your face because of the growing use of brand mak

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